Concrete Repair And Replacement

Despite the amazing strength and durability that concrete provides, it can still be damaged both physically and chemically or just deteriorate over time as it is subjected to the elements. When this happens, it is important to enlist a commercial paving contractor to come in and perform concrete repair. The reason that it is so important to have damaged concrete […]

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Concrete vs. Asphalt

When it comes to parking lots, asphalt and concrete can both be used to create a suitable surface to park cars on? There is, however, a reason why most parking lots are made of asphalt. That reason is mainly due to the fact that asphalt is cheaper. It is far easier to have a sealcoat contractor in Minnesota come in […]

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Old To New Asphalt: Sealcoat

Blacktop ages just like anything else and at a certain point, it becomes weak and brittle to the point that there are only a couple of options left to you. All the options will require a commercial paving contractor to come in, but depending on several factors, what they do and how much it costs can vary greatly. If your […]

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Buyer Be Aware: Commercial Paving

As a commercial property owner or manager, hiring a commercial paving contractor to pave your parking lot isn’t something that you do very often. When the need arises due to either new construction or existing damaged blacktop, make sure to hire a reputable and well reviewed asphalt company in Minnesota. The reason should be clear, but if it’s not, take […]

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ACS Asphalt: Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a form of decorative concrete that a commercial paving contractor can install which can lend an air of class and decor to an area that would otherwise look more industrious. The idea behind it is to utilize the strength and durability of concrete, but to offer more decorative options than what have been historically available. Add on […]

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Parking Lot Order: Parking Stops

Many a new retail location these days have a sea of black surrounding them with nary a bump other than a curb or two and perhaps a couple of speed bumps. Obviously there are some benefits to this open surface in the upper Midwest. For instance, plowing the snow off is far easier when the plow doesn’t need to worry […]

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Future Preparations: Repair & Resurfacing Asphalt and Concrete

How does one prepare for an uncertain future when your present asphalt and concrete is in perfectly fine condition? The absolute first thing that you need to realize is that no matter how good of a condition your asphalt and concrete is right now, that won’t always be the case. Know that sooner or later you will have issues developing […]

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Winter Planning: Spring Results

Winter in the upper Midwest is a great time to be planning for spring and summer projects so that as soon as the snow melts, you are all prepared and ready to go. The same goes for us commercial paving contractors too. If you are currently contemplating a new commercial parking lot, an addition, or a relatively simple asphalt repair, […]

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Damage If You Do, More Damage If You Don’t

In the upper Midwest, there is no escape from a myriad of things that can, and will damage your asphalt and concrete paved surfaces throughout the year. Water, in all its forms, is the primary culprit and cause of the great majority of damage that commercial paving contractors are routinely repairing. Standing water can easily weaken and wear through blacktop […]

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Wintertime Commercial Paving Repairs: Drivers Take Care

Winter brings with it a whole set of complications to the people of the upper Midwest. One of the worst is that roads and parking lots can become unpredictable as the laws of physics take over. Everyone has done it. You overestimate your stopping power or underestimate your stopping distance. Sliding this way or that can be a quick exhilaration […]

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